Cities With The Worst Traffic In The World

Below are ten of the cities which are stated to have the worst traffic in the world, being ranked as the most congested cities on the Earth according to the TomTom Traffic Index for the year 2016.

10. Los Angeles, United States

According to the TomTom Index reports, the traffic congestion within the city of Los Angeles in the United States of America topped the list for the second year in a row. The metropolis is stated to have the worst kind of gridlock in the country as its drivers saw roadway congestion at a 40% rate. It was also shown that the country’s traffic is more than that of San Francisco and New York. The index has also stated that the congestion level grew up to some 10% in the seven-year time period. The data was also compared to the year 2012-2013, which showed that in the year 2013, the drivers wasted their 64 hours, which were 5 more hours as that in the year 2012.

9. Chengdu, China

This Chinese city has also made it onto the worst traffic list of the TomTom Index and is stated to rank among the worst in worldwide road congestion. Chengdu has gained the 9th spot on the world ranking out of the 22 cities which are based in China having the worst traffic on the world. It also showed a 5% increase in its traffic rate from the last year, and this is because of an increase in Chinese car ownership. This has resulted in the congestion which keeps on rising with every passing year. Chinahas also been stated to have gained the top slot for the worst traffic in the world because of its most congested cities, which include Beijing, Shanghai, and Tianjin as well.

8. Recife, Brazil

Recife is one of the largest metropolitan areas in Brazil, and one which is said to be in the fifth spot on that same list. Recife is a hub of commerce, and an educational and healthcare center for the country. The Recife city is said to be the main industrial hub of the Pernambuco state, and it houses the production of ships, sugarcane, oil, electronics, and many more commercial items. According to the TomTom Index, the city is stated to have the most congested traffic in South America. It is also stated that the evening rush hour journey, gets delayed by 24 minutes, which means the driver wastes 94 hours sitting in traffic jams per year when including that seen in the morning time as well.

7. Salvador, Brazil

It is seen through the index that Salvador in Brazil faces ever higher traffic congestion issues year by year. The Salvador city of Brazil has gained a top slot as the 5th largest city in Brazil, with congestion at the rate of about 46% that tends to increase year by year. This causes the commuters an extra travel time of about 43%, which means during the morning peak time it is around 67%, and in the evenings rises to about 74%.

6. Bucharest, Romania

The European country of Romania’s capital city of Bucharest is stated to have the worst traffic congestion in that country, with congestion of about 41% according to the TomTom Traffic Index. The traffic flow stated by the index tells about the congestion, which is faced by these drivers every year, and it is also seen that the drivers lose somewhere around 94 hours stuck in traffic jams annually. The average evening rush hour journey is said to have been delayed by 24 minutes through this Romanian capital.

5. Moscow, Russia

Moscow, the capital of Russia, is also stated to have recorded the world’s worst traffic in that country, as the city recorded a congestion rate of about 66%. It is also seen that the morning rush hour is recorded at about 106% congestion, and the evening hour increase up to some 138%. The drivers have already spent some 127 hours in traffic annually. The worst traffic day was recorded on November 29th of 2015, when the streets were bogged down due to heavy snowfall. The Russian capital is said to be ahead of 160 of the other congested cities which are based around the world.

4. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro has gained a fourth slot in the traffic congestion in the world, and it is recorded as being close to the top for the second time in a row. It is also stated in the TomTom index report that the residents spent a time of about 100 hours yearly in a traffic jam, which is stated to be among the worst as well. Another factor that adds to its traffic rush hour is the population growth, transportation infrastructure, and the demolition of the Perimetral Highway. This causes the drivers an extra travel time of around 47%, and it has the congestion rate of 51%.

3. Istanbul, Turkey

The drivers in the city of Istanbul face the worst traffic in the Turkish nation, as it is seen that they have wasted somewhere around 125 hours stuck in the city’s traffic each year. The congestion level which was reported by the TomTom Index states that, on the city’s highways, there is somewhere around 79% congestion, and on non-highway roadways it is 50%. The traffic hour during evening is said to be the peak of the congestion, and the congestion rate is stated to be around 58%. The morning peak hours are estimated to be around 62%, and the evening hours reach 94% congestion.

2. Bangkok, Thailand

The capital city of Thailand is stated to be the most populous and traffic-congested city in the country. It is seen that, though it has an expressway network for the vehicles, still the heavy traffic is present, due to the increased usage of the private cars. It is ranked second amongst the top 10 cities of the world which have the worst traffic. The drivers there are seen to spend an extra travel time of around almost 85% in the morning and 114% in the evening due to traffic.

1. Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City is said to be the city which has the worst traffic congestion in the world, and a place where the drivers spend nearly around 97% extra time during the morning hour and 94% extra time during the evening time to arrive at their destinations as a result. The city’s vehicle operators have been recorded to have spent a travel time of almost 219 hours of extra time in traveling through traffic each year.



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